Headquartering in Riyadh is rolling in

Headquartering in Riyadh is rolling in

Belgian healthcare consultancy Hict landed in Riyadh in April with its first Middle Eastern regional headquarters, after being one of the first 24 multinational companies to announce such a move back in January. The company has hired local talent to work on the projects at hand and the development of business in the region.


For the Kingdom’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, Hict was chosen along with Saudi Ascend Healthcare to help with the development and roll-out of the campaign. For the Belgian consultancy, headquartering in Saudi Arabia prior to 2024 means to be able to work directly with the Saudi government for as long as it pleases or it’s needed. 


In February, the GCC country announced it will only be contracting with foreign companies starting 2024 and onward if they have their regional headquarters based in the Kingdom. 


Hict got national recognition after it landed the vaccination roll-out campaign with Saudi Arabia. It’s also been sending its experts to the Middle East for over a decade now, meaning as a consultancy company, it has a rich knowledge in the region. Putting the pieces together only clarifies further the importance of Hict establishing itself in a fast developing economy like the Kingdom.


Last update: 11 August 2021