The Spectacular Opening of Riyadh Season 2

The Spectacular Opening of Riyadh Season 2

     Yesterday was indeed a night to remember to all the Saudis and the people who watched live, on TV, or even online, the extravagant opening ceremony of the Riyadh Season. One of the largest entertainment festivals, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in the Middle East. 


Overview about Riyadh Season 2


     It was in 2019 that Saudi Arabia launched for the first time the Riyadh Season. And due to the covid-19’s pandemic, the festival didn’t take place last year. In its first edition, the official motto was “imagine”, yet the event’s organizers decided to add a little sparkle to it as this year’s slogan is “imagine more”, and more than that, they prolonged it from a 3-months long festival to 5-months. Hence, there is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months.


     Day one of the festival proved that there is still a lot to imagine, especially that it will last for around half a year, until March 2022. Organizers even promised to dazzle the world this season, by stating “instead of traveling the world, we brought the world to you in one place”.


Riyadh Season’s Opening Ceremony


     The eagerly awaited event gathered, yesterday night, more than 750,000 national and international attendees as per the event’s organizers, who witnessed the festive show’s live opening. Even tickets were sold out days before the official start, as announced by Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the Board of Directors of General Entertainment Authority (GEA). 


     An event like no other, embarked with the parade’s impressive entrance, glittery fireworks, and entertaining shows. And the most spectacular part was the 2760 drone show which showcased the images of King Salman and the Crown Prince. Also, they featured the logos of various regions and activities of the Riyadh Season 2021.


     Adding to that, the hashtags #RiyadhSeason, and #RiyadhSeason2021, in Arabic and English, were on top of the trending list on Twitter for more than 24 hours, as social media users shared their best moments of the festival, through tweets, pictures, and videos.


Famous Stars at Riyadh Season 2


     Day one was undoubtedly a success, especially with the presence of the international performers that lit up the show and made all the difference. The International star Pitbull took Boulevard City’s stage to a totally different level! 250,000 people joined the breathtaking concert and were ultimately thrilled to witness the live performance of the well-known artist who was also part of Riyadh Season 1. It is also essential to emphasize that more popular figures will join the following days of the events, such as the famous artists: Justin Beiber, Jason Derulo, Tiesto,  Asap Rocky,  Salam Murabaa, and other stars. Also, Paris Saint-German football stars like Lionel Messi and Neymar, will visit Saudi Arabia for the first time, to take part in the tournament that will be held in January, as they will face Saudi clubs Al Hilal and Al Nassr.


What is happening next?


     During Riyadh Season, expect the unexpected as more than 7,500 events to be held at 14 different zones in Riyadh, which are: Boulevard Riyadh City, Via Riyadh, Combat Field, Riyadh Winter Wonderland, Riyadh Front, Al-Murabaa, Riyadh Safari, Al-Athriyah, Riyadh Oasis, The Groves, Nabd al-Riyadh, Qariat Zaman, Al-Salam Tree, Khalooha. 


     Besides, you can check Riyadh Season’s official accounts on social media or their website for additional information regarding the timings and tickets.


Boosting Tourism at KSA


     Events like the Riyadh Season attract visitors from around the world, as they get the chance to discover Saudi Arabia’s tourist destinations. This is what strengthens the tourism sector in the country and helps the economy grow. This is what Saudi Arabia and precisely the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is continually working on under the Vision 2030, in an effort to boost the economy away from the heavy reliance on oil.


Last update: 21 October 2021